Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Musical Inspirations: Arabella Proffer and The Church's 'Priest = Aura'

Originally posted 17 Sept 2007:

If you have had the misfortune not to have heard of Arabella Proffer, or feast your rather privileged eyes on her work then your suffering has finally finished and you can breathe a huge sigh of relief.
The Fourth in the Musical Inspirations series sees Arabella enlighten us on the inspirations behind the two paintings featured as well as her wider aims and ambitions in her art projects.
"The portrait series I've been working on as of late brings together my interests in fashion, decadence, rich paintings, and older cultures. Of course I like to make them my own, and always wondered what it would be like if goths and punks left proper portraits as part of some legacy. Most counter-culture fashions and movements are so widely accepted now, I thought about what it would be like if aristocrats and royalty adopted the fashion as well."
Arabella told Vainzine the music that inspired her to create the two Portraits featured.

In the beginning stages I always like to listen to something eerie or dark; for years and years I have had The Church 'Priest=Aura on loop for everything, as it has been aptly described as grand, goth and atmospheric. I found it very appropriate when tackling these two portraits at first."
The course of true love, or in this case great art does not run smooth as Arabella professed experiencing during the Creation of the two pieces.

"But then, I had to change gears halfway through. I wasn't used to doing larger portraits and it was tak
ing a toll on me physically and just draining me all around. So what better way to get through it and stay awake than with some glam riffs? Particularly the Velvet Tinmine (Pictured left) compilation. I also found it appropriate that while working on the tartan clothing, a band on the CD called Tartan Horde, does a funny little song called "Bay City Rollers We Love You". So, while I may have started out with The Church, I ended up with songs by Iron Virgin and Ricky Wilde. A strange turn, but hey, it got the job done didn't it?"
So It is with great admiration and thanks that we bid a fond farewell, but not goodbye to Arabella who will be exhibiting in October for those of you lucky enough to live in the States. For more details visit her website, it will surely be an event not to be missed.

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