Wednesday, 28 April 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Henrik Schwarz 'Live' released November 5th 2007 on K7!

Originally posted 1 November 2007:

One of Henrik Schwarz's greatest talents is his ability to fuse together the freedom of Jazz, the emotional charge of soul and the relentless energy of Deep house and Techno and make it relevant to today's dancefloors.

Henrik recalled his musical Inspirations. "The acid Jazz era was really big for me, then suddenly there came this much bigger movement of techno and house. I didn't get it all the beginning until I heard Jeff Mills play. That was the moment I thought: Oh yeah! That's exactly what I want to do."

The 'Live' album features remixes of some uber famous artists including James Brown and Boy George and was recorded in clubs across the world and then sequenced in Berlin. It's this uniquely contemporary composition that not only gives the impression that you are listening to a live set in a club but also makes this one of the most accessible mix albums of the year.

For the trainspotters among you there are some extremely exciting songs on here that really justify buying the mix CD even if you may have already seen him play or bought his DJ kicks CD.

I was so happy to hear his awesome remix of Mai Boine 'Vuoi Vuoi' again after spinning it at Stars and Rockets earlier in the year. It's one of my favourite Deep House tracks of all time along with 'Imagination Limitation', 'Walk Music' and 'Earth Beats' for precisely the same reasons.

There are some nice Jazz numbers too from Sun Ra and Mr Schwarz to open and close the mix. If you like quality Dance music from across the globe, you know Jesse Rose, Chateau Flight, Kerri Chandler and the like then I shall say no more, you what to do.



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