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ALBUM REVIEW: Ali Love 'Love Music' Released on Columbia UK 24th September 2007

Originally posted 16 September 2007:

The opening bars of 'Secret Sunday Lover' - 'Girl the first time that I saw you, I was dancing with my friends, on a secret Sunday afternoon, where the party never ends' - should give you some idea of what to expect from Ali Love and his band should you venture out and catch them performing at Notting hill Arts Club next Thursday 20th September or the one after at Yo Yo. But don't be deceived this is not another run of the mill electro-dance, nu rave mash up, far from it actually. Ali has real musical ability, talent and a historical knowledge of pop through Motown that would make some of the most astute Dance acts around bite their front lips whilst thinking 'I wish I had come up with that sound'. And that really is they Key here. Ali has dipped into the past and come up with a modern interpretation in the most contemporary mash-up style producing songs that are perfect for the peak time dance floor of the trendiest Shoreditch nightspots whilst still being accessible to the less aloof pop home listener.

My favourite part of the album, after the awesome Secret Sunday Lover (video below) is the back-end where he drops 'Love Cliché', Vincent Brain' and 'Love Cliché'. If you know who Santana is then you will appreciate the Guitar Solo on 'Love Cliché'.

His beats are cool, modern and thoroughly danceable and whilst this may not be to everyone's' tastes - Beethoven lovers why are you here? - this will certainly appeal to the vast majority. It had me bouncing off the walls all weekend. Ali you really have 'Done the Dirty' on me!



SEE: The video to the awesome 'Secret Sunday Lover' here:

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